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"When I first started Jen's classes I was suffering with bad anxiety and panic attacks. I was advised to try yoga by my GP and found Jen's class online, I found her warm, friendly and she instantly put me at ease when I attended my first class. I have really benefited from Jen's class; I have found it helps reduces my stress levels and my panic attacks have subsided. The biggest benefit to me from these classes has been the reduction in my anxiety; I have much less everyday anxiety and these classes have equipped me with useful breathing techniques, which I now use to help overcome an anxious or stressful situation. I have been attending Jen's class for about 4 months and I feel that with each class I build my confidence and flexibility! I would recommend Jen's classes to anyone suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, as these classes and Jen have really helped me! Thanks Jen :) J.A. Bexhill" 
"Jen has been my yoga tutor for a few years now and she has gently, but professionally, turned my old creaky body into a stretched and mobile shape. Her charming and friendly nature inspires us to work within our capability, at the same time to try a little harder for our own benefit. Her lovely attitude and dedication to her work is ideally suited to holistic therapy. D.M. Bexhill"
"Wednesday evening at the Bexhill class is an oasis of calm in my stressful, busy world and an hour for me, where I truly relax my mind and body. I have the best night's sleep of the week after my yoga session" N.P. Bexhill 
"Jen's personality is reflected in her yoga: warm and caring with a friendly atmosphere and very relaxing. Her enthusiasm encourages the group to work for her, as well as having fun. Having practised yoga for more than 40 years, I find her yoga experience the best I have known and have definitely benefitted from it." D.M. Bexhill 
"One of the best yoga classes I’ve been to with a good mix of postures that leave me relaxed and feeling fitter and more flexible." C.B. Eastbourne 
"I love yoga because it makes me a more relaxed, calmer and happier person. And has given me techniques that I am able to use in everyday life." A.D. Eastbourne (Aged 15) 
"Yoga for me allows me to be very focused on breathing and through this It makes me feel more relaxed . The poses are great and I just follow my body as to what I can manage. Thank you to Jen for offering this excellent class." H.D. Eastbourne 
It's important for our Psychological + Physical health to have space away from the 'madness' of daily life.. Jen provides such a space @ her Yoga classes." D.B. Bexhill 
"I was quite anxious about starting yoga at my age (69) but I have really enjoyed your lessons because I have never felt under pressure to do exercises which are beyond me but at the same time have benefitted from stretching ( in both senses of the word!) myself in a controlled and relaxing environment." J.W. Bexhill 
Hannah Plowman reviewed Natural Treatments Eastbourne - Spa Therapies 2 August 2016 ·

"Jen did a back, neck and shoulder massage on me, it was fantastic! I have a shoulder problem (genetic) she worked on it and I had full range movement straight away. She was professional all the way through and would love to have her again."  
Lynn Denton reviewed Natural Treatments Eastbourne - Spa Therapies 4 August 2016 ·

"Had a very relaxing reflexology treatment with Jen last evening. It was very gentle and I felt great afterward, I was able to have a full nights sleep, something I rarely get. Must have another treatment and indeed must try the Swedish massage."  
Nina Michelle Blount reviewed Natural Treatments Eastbourne - Spa Therapies 14 August 2016 ·

"Loved the feet and legs massage and would definitely recommend to friends and family. Jen was very knowledgeable professional and calm. I have felt chilled out all weekend and looking forward to trying another treatment in the near future am very interested to know more on reflexology too ."
Dana London Dana's Full Review is as follows:

"Last week I enjoyed a wonderful, deeply relaxing reflexology treatment, after which I asked Jenny if she had identified any health issues. Interestingly, she mentioned a couple of things that have been troubling me for a while. Yesterday I had a full body Swedish massage. All very gentle and enjoyable, but deceptively powerful and detoxifying. Well done Jenny, you are a natural - and thank you! Dana x"  
Sophie Unger reviewed Natural Treatments Eastbourne - Spa Therapies 2 August 2016 ·

"Jen has undertaken both Reflexology and massage on me and both were a fantastic experience. She is professional yet relaxed and obviously enjoys helping people. Couldn't recommend her more!"  
Marilia Whittome reviewed Natural Treatments Eastbourne - Spa Therapies 31 July 2016 ·

"My franco-portuguese 87 year old mother has been suffering from an arthritic knee for sometime. She had a reflexology treatment with Jen last Sunday. On Monday I asked mother how she felt and she said “Ça va mieux” and then added “muito melhor”. She thought that Jen’s touch was “un toucher doux et ferme à la fois”.

I also had a reflexology session with Jen this week and can concur with my mother’s comments: “the treatment felt gentle but professionally assured”. We are both looking forward to our second reflexology treatment next week. Having provided the above I must declare my interest and say that I am Jen’s mother, however I can affirm that the above review was written with impartiality in mind."  
Donna Price Ticehurst reviewed Natural Treatments Eastbourne - Spa Therapies 30 July 2016 ·

"I had a lovely relaxing treatment with Jenny she was very professional I'm looking forward to more treatments!!"