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Hi, I'm Jen and I am your local beginners yoga and relaxation specialist. It's lovely to meet you.

Around 15 years ago, I had terrible anxieties and these hugely affected me and my enjoyment of my life, so amongst other things, I took up yoga and this became a saviour to me and eventually prompted me to do my own teacher training which brings me here, at your service.

I specialise in beginners yoga because I know how scary it can feel either trying a new exercise, or trying exercise full stop and really wanted to create a space where beginners could come together without feeling intimidated by intermediate or expert practitioners in the same class and to have someone truly understand their needs and requirements (it’s also important to realise that yoga was originally designed to prepare the mind for meditation and you don’t need to be able to stand on your head to do that!).

You’ll find my classes, fun, friendly and varied and together we will aim to help move your body and relax your mind.

I gained my Holistic Therapies Diploma because I know that relaxation and pain relief are so critical to a happy and balanced body and mind and I want to offer ladies (sorry gents, you guys can come to my yoga classes!) the opportunity to make some ‘Me Time’ and truly switch off whilst letting me ease out your tensions and returning you to your life feeling renewed and relaxed. I absolutely love teaching and providing treatments and in both my yoga teaching and my treatments, I like to offer a little extra, so you will find an assortment of inspirational quotes to take home, positivity cards, oracle card readings, complementary chocolates, herbal teabags and a constant sense of fun and I hope this brings you as much enjoyment as it does for me to provide it!